JUST READING ONE CHAPTER CAN RAISE ONE’S VIBRATION FOR AN ENTIRE DAY! ~ by Deborah Beauvais, Owner/Dreamvisions 7/ NBC Radio Boston/5 Stars *****

Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff’s book, BRIDGE OF THE GODS is definitely a journey to The Higher realms of God Consciousness. One can literally feel the glow of Light within as one absorbs each chapter. As she writes and teaches the reader, Dr. Linda’s choice of words dance right into one’s heart. For example, these two phrases are so profound: ‘All in the All~-the Limitless Spirit of Creation’ or ‘Invite the Divine Guest~ the Holy Breath and Spirit of all Omniscience into your Heavenly Mansion’. Reverend Dr. Linda describes how one can release control, not to seek approval and to let the past go with such distinction and through her glorious inspirational meditations one experiences that beautiful release.

Prior to reading the BRIDGE OF THE GODS, the words limitation and freedom
were all around me. There is no coincidence Bridge of the Gods found me.

Every person needs to read BRIDGE OF THE GODS,  A Handbook for Ascending Humanity ~ The Golden Pathway to your Highest God Self!“, because it is exactly that, A Handbook. Once read in its entirety one finds just re-reading a chapter can raise one’s vibration for the entire day.

Deborah Beauvais


Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network

The Love by Intuition Show/NBC Radio Boston


ON BRIDGE OF THE GODS ~ “I WAS CAPTIVATED FROM PAGE ONE!” ~ 5 STARS ~ by Barry Finlay, Award Winning Author/”Kilimanjaro and Beyond ~ A Life Changing Journey!” 

Bridge of the Gods!  What a perfect title for a wonderful book.  I was captivated by this
book by Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff from page 1. It is the power of positive thinking meeting spirituality. And there is something in it for everyone, no matter what their particular beliefs are.

From “The Awakening” in Chapter One where Reverend De Coff asks, “For, do we really have limits?” to the final chapter when we step onto the Bridge of the Gods to leave the past behind and start afresh, we’re on a journey to examine our personal lives and make changes for the better. It’s a spiritual evolution to be sure and it’s a wonderful journey.

There were occasions when I found myself having to concentrate deeply to fully
understand the message. But those moments were quickly clarified by the author’s personal anecdotes.  The anecdotes are charming, witty and easy for us to relate to. They help us significantly along our journey to a better place and make the book thoroughly enjoyable to read.  In Reverend De Coff’s words in Chapter Four, “…a confused person cannot fix anything, as we all know.”  The author ensures we are not confused as we make our way along the path to enlightenment.

Another thing that I believe sets Bridge of the Gods apart from books of a similar nature is the exercise in each chapter to help further our understanding.  My
own experience with the exercises was that it clarified issues in my mind. I
think everyone would be able to do the same in their own personal way

Reverend De Coff is a beautiful writer. Her words paint a picture in the mind’s eye and it is a picture with an aura around it. She truly has a gift.  Because of the content, the nature and beauty of the writing and the concepts that it has to offer, Bridge of the Gods is not a book to be read quickly. It is one to be absorbed, to be reflected upon and most of all, to be enjoyed. It’s also one to be read over and over.

I can easily recommend Bridge of the Gods. The reader will get out of it what they allow themselves to, but for many it will be a source of inspiration and self analysis. And if the reader gives it a chance, they just might find themselves crossing the Bridge of the Gods.

Reviewed by Barry Finlay/ Award Winning Author, Kilimanjaro and Beyond – A Life-Changing Journey


(FROM AUTHOR’S DEN by Jeanne Latter) ~ 5 stars, ***** A great Addition to the World’s Philosophical and Spiritual Literature!

BRIDGE OF THE GODS, A Handbook for Ascending Humanity ~ The Golden Pathway to Your Highest God Self!!! (Paperback) - This Handbook is a great addition to the world’s philosophical and spiritual literature. It stands with the greats and I, for one, found it not only enlightening, touching upon the nature of reality, but of great assistance in giving the readership some “tools of the trade.” By positing perceptive and profound questions throughout the book, we are urged to delve further into our Higher Mind and clear our past, humanely clearing a path to enlightenment. We’re also given many meaningful meditation in certain areas of human frailty, which lifts us up and out into Clarity. This among many other reasons makes this book worth its weight in gold. It is the alchemist’s key to pondering our Soul – and as we read, releases a certain Cosmic Energy, which translates into bigger and better living. With Dr. DeCoff’s healing inspiration, we’re able to make a quantum leap! The author is a seer and speaks of a future world of Peace. Her book tells us how to get there…

By Jeanne Latter/Producer, Screenwriter, Actress and Playwrite


MAGNIFICENT…ENCHANTING!  ~ 5 Stars ***** ~ by Dr. Domenic Polifrone, Founder/Affiliatied New Thought Network (ANTN)


Dr. Domenic Polifrone, Founder/ Affiliated New Thought Network


A MASTER WORK ON METAPHYSICS! ~ by J. Marie, 5 out of 5 stars/*****

Dr. Linda De Coff has written a true visionary master work on our spiritual birthright. Easy to read, the reader/initiate is brought from our present-day cultural currents to the end of Volume II where he/she crosses the Bridge of the Gods into the Promised Land, glimpsing a vision of the New Millenium of ascended consciousness. With wonder and illumination, Dr. De Coff introduces a celestial city where one day humankind might live out its full potential. With each page, the heart beats a bit faster, the mind reaches for clarity, the will aspires to loftier heights.
With clarity, grace, humor, and tremendous insight, our individual and collective evolution unfolds. Step by step we are instructed… given a system of tools to look inward — and gently, lovingly make the required changes. Dr. De Coff, a true mystic, guides us unerringly to live in an exacting question and through meditations and challenges to pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps. She guides us on the Sacred Path by posing questions which trigger new answers; creatively we discover our issues, pass through our cultural conditionings and through profound revelations of our own mixed intentions, move by leaps and bounds into new awareness.
This is a book to savor slowly, to work with, to read and re-read, gleaning the golden principles of master metaphysics. Let us begin here and now to walk the walk, talk the talk, and assist the planet in its spiritual transition to a new age. There is no better way to begin, I believe, than with Dr. Linda De Coff’s masterful, mystical, empowering Handbook!  ~ J. Marie
Beautiful Visionary Writing, I love this book! ~ Tom Vargas
CONSCIOUSNESS EXPANDER!! ~ on BRIDGE OF THE GODS ~ 5 out of 5 stars *****,  by Glenda G. Davis
Reverend Dr. Linda’s book, BRIDGE OF THE GODS, is a beautifully written guide for ascending in consciousness.She writes with eloquence and clarity – - always uplifting the reader to higher realms.  I am most grateful for her work, for I know it blesses and uplifts our entire planet.~ Glenda G. Davis,
WOW!,  5 out of 5 stars! ***** ~ by Jody Aman 

Wow! What a book! I enjoyed the setting of goals at the beginning of each chapter. Very inspiring. Takes the reader on a journey to be open and discover there is limitless potential. After reading, I feel ready to let go of my past and acknowledge all that I am and re-discover the Light of our Divine Origins. An incredible and inspiring book! ~ Jody Aman



I just completed the first part of the book. WOW !   How wonderful to have your teaching readily available, and following your guidance to move past the limitations and see wonderful results show up when I rely on the truth teachings you present in your book.  Thank you!

It’s nice to have the e*book downloaded on my phone to read anytime, anywhere!  And to follow the lessons and observe divine order in all situations that have been sometimes confusing.  It’s nice to rely on Divine principle to have the Divine outcome, and be grateful, knowing what shows up is perfect! ~  Michael Schuessler




It has been said that when the student is ready the master appears. The writer came into my life the very moment my physical and emotional needs were so overwhelming that even though I had read many uplifting books about the inherent divinity of every human being, I was still questioning if life is supposed to be a life of trouble, limitation and constant anxiousness. I was searching for something more real and simple, something with deep thoughts but easy for me to grasp and apply in my everyday life, and possibly even be able to rise far beyond my greatest expectations thus far.

 I came across the Bridge of the Gods manuscripts long before its present form. Going thru the twelve steps with ease I now have a clear understanding that I am a human being with unlimited possibilities, created to have all that is good in every respect
and aspect in my life. Then, the bridge is no longer merely a structure that we just cross when we come to it, but becomes an awesome inner superstructure that we now cross due to our greater risen state of consciousness ~ the” Bridge of the Gods”, as Gods.

This is truly a great book. I am so glad it is now out for everyone to
be able to have! There are not enough stars to adequately rate this great book! ~ Dimitri Dedes


WONDERFUL!5 out of 5 stars/***** by Jan Cullinane, Best Selling Author

Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff has written an excellent book about stretching the self to greater horizons. I especially liked the exercises and meditations. The perfect book to help you realize your full potential ~ Jan Cullinane



By Joyce Logan

As I near retirement, a friend recommended this book as a pathway to increased spiritually. My goal in retirement is to deeply explore spirituality in this next phase of my life. I relate to the Buddhist philosophy that we create our own suffering by being judgmental. Rev. DeCoff’s exhortation to “Let go” makes so much sense to me. Our human minds do not have all the answers, and, as she states: “Why would I bother to go to the limited dictionary of my past experiences, when I have everything at my command…all perfect leads to right action.” This book provides excellent guidance about how to move toward the Divine Connection, from our mind to One Mind (“whatever God is, I am”). I highly recommend this book to those who want to break free of their limiting tendencies and find peace and happiness. ~ Joyce Logan

AN EMPOWERMENT TO YOUR LIFE ~ by RUTANYA ALDA…Five out of                   5 stars***** 

This book is an empowement to your life. It is a celebration of our own Divinity
and explores unlimited possiblities in living a full life and letting go of the
past that has pained us. Setting ourselves free!

Dr. Linda de Coff has written an uplifting, inspirational book that is practical and has wonderful meditations and exercises to do to grow and live with love and joy. This book is a great gift to oneself and to friends. Dr. De Coff is a great consciousnes and she shares it beautifully with her reader. ~ Rutanya Alda 






BRIDGE OF THE GODS ~ Chapter Descriptions


A Handbook for Ascending Humanity

“The Golden Pathway to Your Highest God Self!”


The Twelve Chapters take the reader on an awesome Soul-perfecting journey throughout the many mansions {the chakras} to the crown summit of bliss and attainment. Bridge Of The Gods is filled with profound and practical examples, transformative exercises and awesome cleansing and raising meditations ~ that lead the individual all the way from “The Awakening” into “The Promised Land” {major fulfillment of heart’s desires}.  Conscious conversion and ascension techniques for mental, emotional, physical and spiritual evolution are given ~ putting forth Divine options for greater success and achievement in any matter.

                                          CHAPTER DESCRIPTIONS

CHAPTER ONE: THE AWAKENING ~ DISCOVERINGTHE BLISS OF YOUR TRUE DIVINE REALITY speaks of the next step in evolution, as the human race {the immortal Soul of humanity} rises into heirship to embrace its spiritual origins ~ realizing: “I and the Father are One.” ~ “I am in this earth, but not of it.”  An opening meditation is given for releasing all past limited identification, and for expanding into Higher God Consciousness and into the next level of Divine awareness required for the establishing of a major goal.  The individual’s goal is to be achieved through the major sequential spiritual alchemical processes outlined in the ensuing chapters

CHAPTER TWO: THE LIBERATION speaks of the fundamental identity shift, necessary ~“I and the Father are One.” ~ as the first step in aligning with and activating a world of limitless good in the life.  What we are one with, we become.  This is the phase of the healing and raising of the mind.

CHAPTER THREE: THE QUICKENING describes the awesome acceleration that now takes place, as the individual Soul experiences its greater unity with all that is. This is the place where miracles, synthesis and boundless joy begin to appear with frequency, and the individual releases lower emotions of fear, doubt and separation.  Faith is restored.

CHAPTER FOUR: THE TRANSFORMATION ~ LIVING BY INTUITION AND THE DIVINE WORD offers the Higher way, where the Soul now lives by intuition and the Word of God in them ~ far transcendent of old habitual patterns. Now, the Soul is gaining confidence, and emancipating from outer sense-world pushes and pulls and limiting collective beliefs ~individualizing, gaining strength and courage, listening to the still small voice within, and reclaiming Divine Birthright and Estate ~ ever open to the Divine influx and healing of the Higher Mind.

CHAPTER FIVE: THE TRANSCENDENCE ~ LETTING GO OF DEPENDENCY, ATTACHMENTS, APPROVAL AND CONTROL deals with releasing and converting negative emotional patterns that bind the Soul to limitation of bondage and repetition. New Divine Love and authority patterns and options of handling are given~ to give firm re-orientation to the indomitable way of God ~ bringing out the power of the Christ within; as the feeling life is aligned, and true creative power is thus restored.

CHAPTER SIX: THE ELEVATION ~ SYNCHRONIZING WITH THE DIVINE speaks of the soaring state of mystical unity that now takes place, as the individual unwinds from negative thoughts, feelings, patterns and attachments.  The awareness of all the omni-powers {omniscience, omnipresence, omni substance and omnipotence} of the Divine Self is now taking place.  A method for meditative overviewing to discern where the individual Soul is now ~ in terms of evolutionary progress is provided, along with ways of unifying with Higher Divine Patterns.

CHAPTER SEVEN: THE REGENERATION OF THE DIVINE SELF ~ THE KINGDOM OF THE HOLY BREATH heralds the return, now, of the fully self-sufficient and self-regenerating Soul ~ buoyant within itself.  Sacred breath techniques for re-charging, problem solving and maintaining intention, integrity and empowerment are presented.  Ways to transcend old thresholds, commonly causing failure and giving up and dropping out of original buoyancy and faith, are given.

CHAPTER EIGHT: THE ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE begins the 2nd Volume at the highest state of timeless mystical unity.  The greater the unity ~ the more awesome the demonstration.  Ways of maintaining unity, even in the midst of the whatever’s, are given.  This is walking on the waters and the development of transcendent Master capacities, as a sense of Divine plan, purpose, order and unity with Causal Power returns.

CHAPTER NINE ~ THE RESURRECTION ~ THE RELEASING OF ALL KARMA speaks of the glories of the Resurrection Principle ~ manifest in all life ~ the root capacity to revitalize, restore any and all good, right from within, and independently of outer circumstances.  This chapter concludes with a sublime meditation ~ causing healing and release of all past unwanted karma ~ a massive letting go and alignment with Highest Love ~ causing Soul victory, sufficient enough to resurrect any good, whatsoever

CHAPTER TEN: THE RETURN OF THE DIVINE ~ THE ASCENSION INTO BLISS gives the new patterns of resurrected life on earth ~ on an individual and collective basis, when the Christ is “walking the earth” and activated within every being.

CHAPTER ELEVEN: THE RAISING OF THE GIFTS is a profoundly joyous chapter ~ enumerating all the transcendent powers and capacities that renew to the now fully transformed, liberated and ascended Soul ~ the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.  A glorious meditation for raising Master capacities and the ability to accomplish transcendent demonstrations, any time at will, is given.

CHAPTER TWELVE: THE PROMISED LAND AND THE IMPERISHABLE CITY OF LIGHT ~ ESTABLISHING HEAVEN ON EARTH takes the reader into the new dimension of major fulfillment ~ “in my Father’s house,” where the individual experiences supreme unity with the major good desired. A far reaching meditation ~ leaving the old world and entering the Promised Land and receiving the glorious gift desired along with the crystallization of a vision of further good for the individualson-goingness into bliss is provided.
This concludes the evolution through the chakras and the mental,emotional, physical aligning of the Soul with God ~ any phase of which may be applied at any time to cause alignment.


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“You cannot be the same on the other side of these reads !” ~  Michael Ben Zehabe, Syndicated Columnist; Author/”Unanswered Questions in the Sunday News!”     

“I was captivated from page one!” ~ Barry Finlay, Award Winning Author/Kilimanjaro and Beyond! 

“Just reading one chapter can lift you for an entire day!” ~ Deborah Beauvais, Producer/Owner Dreamvisions 7 Radio, airing on NBC Radio Boston

Visit all of Dr. Linda’s books on ~  BRIDGE OF THE GODS ~ The Golden Pathway to Your Highest God Self!; SONGS OF ETERNITY~ Contemplations, Treatments and Meditations on the Word of God;  LIVING THE MIRACLE CONSCIOUSNESS ~ Attaining the Kingdom of Greatest Eternal Good!








It is our great pleasure to announce that Dr. Linda’s new book “LIVING THE MIRACLE CONSCIOUSNESS” is now available ~ in paperback and Kindle… and, in all digital forms.


Part I ~ “The Definition” (On Miracles and what they are!)

Part II ~ “The Preparation” (How to maintain highest levels of receptivity and consciously set the tone of mind and heart to receive the “miracle” desired).

Part III ~ “The Glory” (Ultra manifestations of Divine Power and Presence in one’s life!)


• In this introductory quote below, Dr. Linda illumines the natural state of bliss each can attain, once understanding the limitless source with which all are one, regardless of any former belief in separation.

Living The Miracle Consciousness is a guidebook for Transcendent Limitless Fifth Dimensional Living, according to the pure properties and attributes of the Divine Self in every being ~ the one atomic God Self ~ the Superior Christ Self, that is the only enduring reality.

All meditations and exercises are geared to help the individual Soul rise out of all conflict, captivity, duality and separation thinking, and to unify with the bliss of Divine Demonstration and God Consciousness all of the time. This is accomplished through actively embracing and unifying with the limitless capacities of the Mind and Name and Sublime Nature of God, with which all are imperishably One.

Through such transcendent identification ~ the Civilization of Luminous Light is risen and born through us. The hallowed, treasured and majestic level of unconditioned joyous Master living {the Sattvic, Buddhic and Superior Christ Level} becomes ours all the time, as we unify ever more and more deeply with the Divine and Limitless Principles of God’s Life ~ as our life ~ all-inclusive and demonstrating of every good thing.

In Part I ~ “The Definition” ~ Dr. Linda reveals Divine and Transcendent components always present in Miracles.

In Part II ~ “The Preparation” ~ Dr. Linda unfolds “Secrets of the Kingdom” ~ enlightened ways and means to lift consciousness to the blissful level necessary to always receive miracles.

In Part III ~ “The Glory” of “Living The Miracle Consciousness”, Dr. Linda takes the reader to the summit level ~ fully examining the miracles of the Christ, and exploring the Highest spiritual technology of demonstrating, materializing and healing ~ any and all conditions, through the omnipotent power of pure God consciousness. This is the Glory of God, now brought forth by the One, who lives at the right hand of the Father, and brings unbounded Heaven to earth in all.

*Many persons, having read Living The Miracle Consciousness”, happily have experienced many limitless breakthroughs; for the information, provided in this book stimulates Higher awareness, and causes or creates on the spot alchemy.  One reader experienced ten miracles, after a two-year period of total stagnation.

For a free preview and/or to purchase your soft cover copy of “Living the Miracle Consciousness”, visit any of the following links:

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“A Master-Work in Metaphysics!” ~ Jeanne (

“Just Reading one chapter can raise one’s vibration for an entire day!” ~ Deborah Beauvais, producer / Radio Boston.

“You cannot be the same person on the other side of this read!” ~ Michael Ben Zehabe on Songs of Eternity/Syndicated Columnist & Author/”Unanswered Questions in the Sunday News!”







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Part I (featured all day December 23rd) addressed “Divine Healing of your Emotional Life!” Here Dr. Linda  discussed root causes of negative emotion and showed “the Way” to forever rise out of apathy, grief, anger, fear, and despair to ultimate states of confidence, bliss and success all the time. (If you missed this show, it is now available to hear at  Simply scroll down to the bottom of the page and press the link provided.

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The Reverend Dr. Linda De Coff is the celebrated author of BRIDGE OF THE GODS, A Handbook for Ascending Humanity ~ The Golden Pathway to your Highest God Self!” and SONGS OF ETERNITY~ Contemplations, Treatments and Meditations on the Word of God!” It has been said that: “You cannot be the same on the other side of these reads!”

Dr. Linda is also the noted founder of New Thought International, Inc. and New Thought Institute of New York (An Association of Global Centers for World Peace and Enlightenment). She has also starred in numerous Broadway, Film and TV shows to rave reviews.

Don’t miss this opportunity to discover the Highest Patterns of Being and Manifesting, and to be the victory of the “Divine You!”




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BRIDGE OF THE GODS ~ PREVIEW INTRODUCTORY PAGES & CHAPTER ONE, “THE AWAKENING ~ Discovering the Bliss of your true Divine Reality!”

Dear All, Throughout the Holiday Season:  enjoy a free preview of the opening introduction and Chapter One of “Bridge of the Gods”.  Click below to read “THE AWAKENING ~ Discovering the Bliss of your True Divine Reality!   Introductory Pages and Chapter One, BRIDGE OF THE GODS ~

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You will find many valuable tools for easy and joyous transformation into the completeness of your Divine Self, rejoicing as even the most enduring obstacles that you may have experienced, even for what seems a lifetime or more ~ simply dissolve into the nothingness from which they arose and float away downstream into eternal bliss, never to be anymore!

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Onward and Upward ~ ever Higher, ever more blessed, emancipated and free!!!





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Discover some profound healing tools ~ for healing your emotional life and lifting up to ultimate states of peace, love, and Divine Grace.  There is no condition that cannot be transformed, because of the Great Power that is in you!

Rejoice in the Unlimited Divine Self within!

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